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  1. by nick springer

    dear Avlis, me and my friend are having a dispute over what type of owl you have drawn. i say it is a barred owl, whereas my red-headed friend here thinks it to be a great gray owl. both of which are know to inhabit certain areas of Oregon. any light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

    • by admin

      You are correct–it is a Barred Owl.

  2. by Sarah Main

    Dear Alvis, I am a huge fan of Deschutes brewery and saw the Jubel ale collection and just purchased it because I was so intrigued by the art and colors that was on the packaging, just thought Id share that it made it much more enjoyable with the fantastic artistic twist to my experience of trying the seasonal collection. love your work!

    • by admin

      Thank you Sarah.Your comments mean alot; I had a blast making this year’s label. Enjoy!

  3. by Marcie

    I received an amazing drawing of our daughter by Avlis Leumas that my husband had surprised me with for our Anniversary. I was so thrilled to have an original drawing that included my daughter but also to have a piece from Avlis Leumas. I had been admiring his work since the first time I saw it on display and felt it is very unique. He is very talented.

  4. by William Muzio

    Hello we are looking for a local artist who can make a few signs for our business. Please contact me at your earliest convenience

    • by admin

      Hi William, how do I contact you?

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