Birth of a VillianMy interpretation of a photograph
in the spring of 2012, original.

Birth of a Villian

Framed, 27×33

Born in the SkiesA raven looks upon a morning field
worker in the vineyard, original.

Born in the Skies

Framed, 22×25

Hell's OGOriginal illustration for Deschutes Growery, Hell’s OG Strain.

Hell’s OG

Framed, 20×24

Letters HomeA soldier and his scout pause
to check in with a loved one, original.

Letters Home

Framed, 16×19

The Two RitasA journey into relationship
and delusion, original.

The Two Ritas

Framed, 14×16

Valerian AquarianCentral Oregon’s 2014 Earth Day Poster, original.

Valerian Aquarian

Framed, 14×17

Batgirl1967 Batgirl moves through Gotham, original.


Framed, 14×17
$775 – SOLD

Poirot's owlA Horned Owl rests in an aspen at night, original.

Poirot’s Owl

Framed, 14×19
$2,050 – SOLD

Call to PrayerA woman rests at her lovers piano, original.

Call to Prayer

Framed, 15×22
$1,400 – SOLD

ConceptionA family is blessed with a child in Thailand, original.


Framed, 20×23
$2,100 – SOLD

Silent EpistolariesA manifestation of unspoken prayers, original.

Silent Epistolaries

Framed, 14×16
Auction for Deschutes Children’s Foundation – SOLD

Darkest Part of the NightOriginal portrait of Shelly Johnson from Twin Peaks.

The Darkest Part of the Night

Unframed, 11×13


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  1. by Kirsten Naito


    I saw your owl at CHOW and am interested in purchasing a print. I would like more information about how much large the print will be and cost.


  2. by Brian

    I bought a 6 of Deschute’s Jubelale based entirely by your cover art. I have worked with barred owls before and they are my favorite Strigiformes. Awesome work and keep it up!

    • by admin

      Thank you Brian! They are my favorite as well; you won’t be disappointed in picking up that 6 pack of Jubelale either!

  3. i love your work with the owls. it’s very inspiring indeed. the owl is my power animal & medicine. i tend to find many feathers around my home here in northern california. thanks so much for your brilliant work.

    • by admin

      Thank you so much Shaun! I equally share your affection for these birds.

  4. by Judy Mentuck

    What would be the cost for an original of the Magnificent Delivery–woman with the hummingbird?
    I have three daughters that love this painting as do I. the hummingbird has a special meaning.
    Love your work it is wonderful!

    Thank you,

    • by admin

      Hi Judy, the original was sold almost 2 years ago. But I can make prints in many sizes. Thank you so much for your kind words!

      • by Judy Mentuck

        What are the sizes and pricing, I am interested in purchasing prints.

        • by admin

          Hi Judy, have you been to the prints section of my website? There are prices listed there for a couple sizes, but I could go almost any size you would like. I can also print on canvas if you like as well. Just let me know!

        • by admin

          Judy, let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

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