It was early February when I was contacted by the digital marketing team at Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon to have the opportunity to create artwork for their 2013 Jubelale label. I had literally just landed in Chicago for a business trip, and happened to be wearing a Mirror Pond hoodie when the email came through. After a few emails back and forth and many sleepless nights watching snow fall during a surprise blizzard that shut down parts of the east coast, I returned to my hometown of Bend and met with the team. I was given an extensive tour of history from the previous 25 years of Jubelale art and shown the original pieces from the 19 artists that are permanently on display in the revered Jubelale Hall of Fame. I was awestruck, in love, and terrified with the possibility to be a part of this elite group of people I held in such high esteem since moving to Bend with my wife in 2005.

We all sat together and the team looked closely at some of the pieces I had been working on as of late; we discussed my idea for 2013, they hired me, and I walked out knowing that I had one month to complete the piece. During those extraordinary 30 days, sleep was minimal, dreams were vivid and my wife was without me: I was obsessively married to the pen. The surreal and unfortunate part of this story is what happened just before the the piece was due — but that is a story I’ll save for after its release this October.

My heartfelt thanks to Gary Fish and the people at Deschutes Brewery for giving me this opportunity,

~Avlis Leumas

The story of Deschutes Brewery and Jubelale




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